From Trees for Life Volunteer to Teacher

This is an excert from an email sent by a former volunteer who helped develop teaching lessons at Trees for Life.
Dear Trees
I love my new teaching job. In the 4th grade class, we are doing Everyday Math.  I am already familiar with it, because I learned about it doing the teaching lessons  for Trees for Life!
The 5th grade teacher that I assist praised me for my skills proofreading the kid’s writing assignments and helping them with editing, Two more skills I got plenty of practice and experience with while working on the lessons for Trees!
So, I am very grateful for working with Trees for Life. You guys really helped prepare me for this job. Mostly I work with 2nd graders. They’re my favorites. They are little sponges happily soaking up anything and everything. They are really a joy to teach. 
How about you? Would you like to make a difference, would you like to become involved? Join us, our offices are located in Wichita, Kansas. Call Pat Felton, Volunteer Coordinator, Trees for Life – 316-945-6929.

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