Trees for Life – The Dream Continues


In 1983 while flying over the island of Cyprus, Balbir Mathur had a vision. The result of that vision is Trees for Life International . Today, after 27 years, Trees for Life has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Balbir’s vision of serving the poorest of the poor is simple: the elimination of hunger and the improvement of peoples’ lives is through education. Balbir often states, “We are partners who empower, not saviors”.

One of the present educational projects of  Books for Life,  the educational component of Trees for Life, is demonstrated in the video Ready to Fly. This video highlights the commitment of Books for Life to partner with local communities in developing 200 libraries in Nicaragua. the first 51 of which are now operational. The Second annual Library Conference held in Managua, Nicaragua on October 7, 2010 was highlighted by Balbir’s pledge to partner in providing 1,000,000 books to the children of Nicaragua over the next 10 years.  This conference and Books for Life’s commitment to partner in building the libraries comes from a connection of the heart and is a promise of education for the children.  We don’t just partner in building libraries, we partner in building lives and in doing so we build foundations for the future.

You can make a donation and learn more about Trees for Life International at

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