Alternate Gift Giving at Trees for Life



I don’t know about you, but I am through giving gifts that don’t make a difference. I’m tired of giving gifts of neckties, boxes of candy and perfume to friends and family that already have more than they will ever use. Instead of giving them a gift that they in turn will either stack on the pile or  just “re-gift consider giving them the alternative gift of hope, a gift that will truly make a difference in a human life.  This holiday season join Trees for Life and Books for Life  where a number of alternative gift programs are available that support  those in need in developing countries. 

You can make a great difference in the lives of others by selecting the DONATE NOW to give to one of the Trees for Life programs that supports the fight against hunger in developing countries.



or you can give the gift of literacy and education by selecting DONATE NOW to donate to Books for Life which supports the development of a literacy programs  and builds Libraries in a rural villages.


At Trees for Life and Books for Life you can donate on behalf of a friend or family member and we will let them know of the gift given in their honor. What a wonderful way to help and recognize others.

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