The Trees for Life Board of Directors adds two new members. On Friday, January 21, 2011 the Board of Directors voted to increase their board with the addition of two new members. The new board members are Dr. Adam Smith and Jason Vandecreek. These additions to the board will add a new dimension to the vision and direction of Trees for Life. Adam brings a high level of experience in educational development and academic research, while Jason will continue to provide the ongoing knowledge and skills related to the application of an integrated advanced technology system. In my last blog post (Love – The Secret Ingredient, January 13) Adam Smith told his story. Here’s more about Jason Vandercreek.

Jason Vandecreek

Jason has a  degree in Computer Science from Kansas State University and he owns his own computer company that specializes in software development and design, systems integration and application. Jason stopped by Trees for Life about a year ago for a short visit on his way to India and like Adam found that Trees for Life had become an important part of his life. Jason found that the mission, the people and the philosophy of Trees for Life paralleled his personal beliefs. Being at TFL is a natural fit for Jason. Jason compares the similarities of his personal philosophy and operating style with that of TFL. It’s all about choices; it’s a tool, like an open source software that allows the user to make decisions that benefit the user whether that is a business client or TFL recipient. It is the process not the product: like the baker who makes bread it is about being the yeast not the beaker or the bread.

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