Keith Donohue, founder of 50give, stopped by Trees for Life to spend his day in Kansas with us. Keith is on a marathon road trip to volunteer in each of the 50 states plus Canada, Mexico, and Washington D.C.. Keith is driven by his passion for volunteering and helping others. He stated; “I hope that the trip will encourage others to give unconditionally and will provide positive press for inspiring organizations striving to make this a better world. Volunteering is the star of this trip, I am just the side-show”.


Keith working on a teaching module

Keith has selected a wide variety of activities for which to volunteer for in each of the 53 sites he will visit before ending up in Vancouver in June. By the end of his quest Keith will have worked on a Spanish language teaching module for Trees for Life, been in a pet therapy program, a recycling program, a horse therapy program for autistic children, a fund-raising program for Ronald McDonald’s, a homeless program, an art program for kids, a humane society, a cancer center, a school for the deaf, a farm rescue program, a prison program, and will end with a bike kitchen in Vancouver. Half way through the journey will be a half-time party at Tommy Joe’s including, a special event with Falling Whistles, an advocacy group that aids the children of war in the Congo.

To join Keith on his involved road trip, log on to www.50give.com or, even more, become a 5-star pit crew. Check out his web site for his blog and how to become a member of his pit crew.

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