The University of Nicaragua, the Water Resources Research Center, Nicaragua-based NGO Comities of Potable Water and Sanitation and Trees for Life International have formed a partnership to conduct a research program to develop and implement a process to promote the degradation of fecal material with inoculation or a seeding mechanism to ensure that suitable microorganisms are present that continually break down human waste and improve sanitation conditions.

The rapid degradation of fecal matter is extremely important for countries like Nicaragua that are prone to frequent tropical storms and hurricanes. The approach that we are developing involves the utilization of locally produced plant-based enzymes that are readily applicable to any type of latrine, are environmentally sustainable as they enhance the natural degradation process.

In Phase One of the project will be primarily directed toward gathering information related to the technical aspects of the project. Phase Two will consist of full-scale field studies to assess the effectiveness of the concept.

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