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The Trees for Life Culture

August 23, 2011

Trees for Life is a movement of people who are

striving to move from the Victim mentality

to the practice of Responsibility.


Victim mentality

If things are going wrong, or badly,

Or not to my liking, then someone is

to blame. It is necessary to identify

the person(s) of why things are not as I

think they should be. Blame must be

determined and accepted by the

wrongdoer, and things must be made

right. I am justified in being

emotionally upset. Neither growth

nor learning result from the bad

things that happen to me.


I completely and wholly accept that

Everything that has ever happened to

me, that is presently happening to me,

and that will happen to me in the

future provided me with opportunities

for learning and growth; and that no

one else can be rightly blamed for

ANY negativity, hurts, or abuses

Which my emotional nature

experiences. I shall seek no exceptions

To this belief, even when the apparent

Cause is not of my making.

-Adapted from the Totally Responsible Person, Human Service Alliance

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